Forget mow and blow; propagating native plants is the new, new thing.
Including new bipartisan legislation to restore native vegetation. Now that's wild.
With a short glossary of ecological landscaping terms: exotic, naturalized, invasive, etc.
Think big, even if your yard is small, to deliver outsized experiences.
Lawns and rose gardens can become sustainable — financially, environmentally, and ecologically.

December 2022

Addressing the dilemma of lawn in the ecological landscape
Plus, teaching the wisdom (and joy) of being wrong and experiments with mosquitoes.
These London window boxes signal unrealistic expectations and horticultural imperialism.
Drought-tolerant Santa Fe natives complete this masterpiece inspired by venerable Japanese designs.

November 2022

Scientists prove we can outsmart ticks without paving over the world.
These are the 5 tactics I’m personally using to tolerate my yard while it’s in transition.
Hiring a pro who won’t pollute and even harm your household is harder than you think.