Thanks for this, we’re in Vancouver Canada and have just started to see Japanese beetle. Our government is attempting to contain and spray them at the moment. But, I think we all know just how elusive chemical-led control is. So I’m happy to see some great alternatives here!

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Thank you for this thorough research! Lots to think about and make changes over time. I like the idea of the Pennnsylvania sedge in some of our more shaded yard and will start with that. Will also plant more perennials that deter the JB. I am interested in looking into why white clover is not recommended as it has become a rather hot item up here in Minnesota as a turf replacement. Thanks, Heather! Looking forward to next week's edition.

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Hey there. A somewhat tangentially related question about grubs in soil. Have you ever heard of moles killing trees due to extreme infestation in yards.

My hypothesis is that there's an overpopulation of both moles and grubs, the mole tunnels are absurdly pervasive. I'm thinking they may have disturbed enough feeder roots as to cause the tree to die (technically from drought stress due to root loss)

There may also be a further correlation of the increased mole populations now two years after the 13 year cicada flush (I am in East Tennessee)


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