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I make my living as an arborist (one day writing will pay the bills). I agree with Heather's assessment that you could see damage that only manifests slowly over time. I sadly deal with it on a weekly basis, the most common being trees on the edges of newly cleared home lots that damaged during grading ( I used to know a fellow who ran an excavating company who assured me that he always goes and smooths the ground at the end... you can imagine the myriad reasons this is actually even worse.)

The arbosit profession does have a handful of interventions to help the tree buffer the impacts of construction damage. And, perhaps most importantly in your case, there is a subset of the profession that includes nationally registered consulting arborists. These people can provide legally valid documentation of the damages and provide risk assessments and function as expert witnesses in court. They ought to also be familiar with the protection ordinances and any protocols to leverage those in your favor.

I hate construction damage. It makes me sick. I hope your trees remain healthy and your problems are few if any. Best of luck.

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“Puppy uglies”, ha! I love it, thanks.

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